January Newsletter

Firstly, a reminder to all those who have not  yet renewed your club membership  at £25. We can also renew your BMFA membership for you at an additional £38, contact the secretary, Nick Hodge to renew.


The AGM last year was held later than usual and a low turnout resulting in a committee of only  three being elected, myself, Nick Hodge and Mike Hunkin. With a small team it will limit what can be done over the forthcoming season. At this time we have insufficient membership / funds to meet our financial commitments.


I hope you have all now registered with the DMARES scheme and displaying your Operator ID on your aircraft. Note this only applies to outdoor flights.

A number of people have asked about teaching under 18 year old to fly.

  • Between the ages of 13 and 18 the child needs to take the CAA competency test and get a FLYER ID
  • Under 13 the parent will need to register the child but the child will need to take the test and gain his / her FLYER ID.
  • The FLYER ID  does not cost anything.
  • Alternatively the child can obtain a BMFA basic proficiency, A or B certificate.
  • A child under 18 cannot obtain an OPERATOR ID for model aircraft greater than 250g but they can own the aircraft, however the aircraft must have an OPERATOR ID of the responsible adult displayed.

This is the situation as at this time – where experience flights using a buddy system sit is ambiguous and I hope to clarify this later.


Members requested the committee to look at protecting the patch from cattle with an electric fence. Although we have gained an agreement with the landowner several issues have been brought to our attention from other clubs that have attempted this including animals trapped inside the fence and becoming distressed, theft of the units and who will put up and take down. As it stands we have no funds to purchase a unit and  have put this on hold.


Due to the limited committee we are only considering planning a Flightfest event this year, depending very much on  the level of support that can be obtained.


Just a reminder of the indoor flying times, date and location 10 -12 at Tor Bridge Sports Centre, 

 Miller Way, Estover, Plymouth PL6 8UN

March 1st, March 29th, April 26th, May 24th, June 21st, July 19th, August 16th, September 13th, October 11th, November 8th, December 6th


We are considering organising a basic first aid session with an organisation to provide members with information needed in the initial stages of an event.

If you would be interested in attending an event could you express your interest to Nick.